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New Probe Installation

1. A probe must have a unique reverse DNS:

a. monitorX.1host.co.il

b. A probe must have a specific Name format:
Location + Job – Server name – (monitor number)
Example: IL3Probe – wd5009 – (Monitor8)


2. There must be a group with the same name under this probe:
for example: IL3Probe
In order to be able to migrate it to the DR probe.


3. Disable "User access control"

a. Click start

b. Type in the run box "UAC" and click enter

c. Choose never notify

d. Boot the server


4. Make sure powershell is installed

a. For windows 2003 – download and install it.

b. For windows 2008+ it's already installed


5. Make sure you can execute scripts with powershell by opening it and running the command:

a. Set-ExecutionPolicy "RemoteSigned"

b. Click "Y" to confirm


If shows "red" remarks – make sure UAC is on the lower level.


6. Download and install VMWare power CLI (the latest version)
Important – VMWare might show you the default version which is not the latest.



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