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Whether you’re an Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud customer, XGlobe can provide you with a fully managed solution.

Why do you need fully-managed service for Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud?

XGlobe specializes in Big Data, and scaling infrastructure to the optimal size with a team of web experts, system engineers and network engineers who work 24/7 to provide you the fastest, highest quality and most impressive service available.

XGlobe we will help you design the hosting architecture that’s right for you. We will configure your AWS/Google Cloud, and provide highly professional support services, including a proprietary management toolkit we developed especially for AWS& Google Cloud.

As an XGlobe customer, you benefit from have a long list of services:

  • XGlobe is a Cloud federation - Choose your cloud & service while saving in time, money & performance
  • Smart Configuration - XGlobe will provide optimization tools, automatic scaling and simpler – yet more efficient – management of multi-instance environments.
  • DevOps. Service - XGlobe web developers will create custom  tools for you.
  • XGlobe Interconnect - Use physical hardware in one of our worldwide data centers and connect to the scalable public cloud.
  • Avoid vendor lock - Unless you have a specific reason,, we’ll help you avoid committing to a single vendor.
  • One invoice, One provider, Your terms – XGlobe is not only a one-stop shop for all cloud services; we also help negotiate billing terms with one provider.





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