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About Public Clouds Services

Imagine for a moment that you could take all of the benefits from each of the largest Public Cloud and Colocation providers around the world and build them into a single solution.

It can be Public Cloud or Dedicated Colocation or hybridization of them both.
You will have no limitation in getting your custom-designed solution, answering your technical needs without breaking the bank.


Well... We did it!

By joining XGlobe we allow you to use:

       Amazon Web Services (AWS)                    Azure                   Google Cloud Platform  
Aws 2 To About Public Cloud    Windows    Aws To About Public Cloud (2)                          
                        XGlobe Cloud                           XGlobe World Wide Colocation
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You can combine specific solutions offered by Google Cloud with others offered by AWS.
You can create a Private Cloud in one of XGlobe's Data Centers and connect it to AWSAzure or Google Cloud

In short, from our perspective, anything is possible.

How does it works ?

After years of experience in Hosting, during which we in XGlobe established Private Clouds, Hybrid Clouds, Public Clouds, Dedicated environments and managed thousands of servers worldwide,

We decided to respond the next challenge and provide so smarts and so effectives hosting solutions That can be received only by combining a number of great hosting solutions together.

We partnered with the leading public cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, And passed long learning process and certification tests in order to provide those Public Cloud Services the best way there is.

Then we established 1Gbps direct connection from each of her main Data Centers across the world in order to allow fast and reliable connection directly to mentioned public cloud providers.

We set up support department that provides Web Expert Management Services which includes:
  • 24/7 Support via mail/phone - Proactive Maintenance.
  • Configuration Management.
  • DevOps Support.
  • Solution architecture.
  • Implementation of Hosting Solutions.

Thanks to all that, XGlobe customers can use AWS, Azure or Google Cloud through XGlobe Cooperation agreements with each provider. XGlobe customers can also combine Dedicated Colocation in one of XGlobe's Data Centers with one of the Public Clouds through XGlobe's Direct Connect and most importantly – in each solution, XGlobe customers can use Web Expert Management Services.





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