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Public Clouds

So you've chosen to go with a Public Cloud?  Excellent!
And which Cloud did you pick? AWS, Azure, Google?

It turns out that simply choosing a Cloud service is not a simple thing, all the big-name players offer rock-solid performance and dependability. They can, of course, each explain to you why they offer the very best technology and why, naturally, you should choose them over their competitors.

This is where XGlobe comes into the picture to help. It’s something we can do effectively for the simple reason that we don't care which Cloud service you use. The only factor that matters to us is that you choose the one that’s the best match for your needs. And in order to make the decision, you need to consider parameters like:

1) Technology requirements

2) Geographical location of your target audience

3) Weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your website or application (if they exist)

4) A business forecast outlining growth expectations

5) And of course, a budget allocation for hosting services

So yes, we are ready to advise you on choosing the public Cloud that will best serve your needs

but what’s next?

Sometimes it’s not a matter of choosing just one. XGlobe can actually combine the various public Cloud solutions (for example, taking the very best services of AWS together with other services from Google that don’t exist in AWS). XGlobe can also combine public Cloud solutions together with your physical servers in what’s called Cloud Consolidation. This allows you to both save money and also have the benefit of high-end hardware dedicated specifically to you.

And of course, with any solution you choose, we can also offer you professional and efficient handling — around the clock — by our experienced experts, armed with all relevant certification for AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure.



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