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How to change Shelf ip address

Telnet to the management port

Serial Shell and Console Procedures:



M for menu

The process to use the serial console has changed.

* Serial Console is now protected by a password. The password is supportDell
The Serial Console access is now in the form of a menu.
   The menu will give access to all required functions for troubleshooting.

Accessing the Serial Shell


 Startup a terminal emulation program like putty, teraterm, minicom or hyperterminal using these      terminal settings (115200-8-n-1).


Windows Server 2008 does not ship with hypertrm.exe and hypertrm.dll. Customers wanting to use hyperterminal in Server 2008, must copy these two files from a Windows XP system.


 Send a from the terminal shell. This is accomplished by <Ctrl><PAUSE/BREAK> within HyperTerminal  or Putty, use <Ctrl><A><F> from within Minicom on Linux systems.


When prompted for input within 5 seconds, press <S> for the service interface menu.


Only capital "S" works here, lowercase "s" will not be recognized for this command.


 The user will then be prompted for a password. The Password is: supportDell


 The menu options available are.

  • 1) Display IP Configuration
  • 2) Change IP Configuration
  • 3) Reset Storage Array (SYMbol) Password
  • Q) Quit Menu

Serial Shell Menu Option Detail

The following sections of this page will illustrate the each of the main menu options in the serial shell.

Display IP Configuration

Display IP Configuration displays the current IP configuration of the of the ethernet maintenance port for the RAID controller currently attached to the Serial Shell terminal window as shown in the image below.

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