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Fortigate - How to Create rate limit on Interface (traffic shaping)

Creating Traffic Shaping, Interface VLAN based (rate limit) 

How to configure rate limit on Fortigate?

Traffic Shaping on an Interface VLAN base, can be done only via the CLI.

-          Login to the Fortigate Unit.

-          View the desired interface VLAN using the command:

show system interface <interface name>


config system interface edit <interface_name> set inbandwidth <rate_int> next end where <rate_int> is the bandwidth limit in Kb/s. Excess packets will be dropped. If inbandwidth is 0, the rate is not limited. A similar command is available that can be performed on egress as well using the CLI commands: config system interface edit <interface_name> set outbandwidth <rate_int> next end



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