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Service tag transfer procedure



1. Go to http://www.dell.com

2. at the top of the page click support -> view all support

Service tag transfer procedure

3. Click support -> warranty - > ownership transfer

Service tag transfer procedure 1

4. Now we have a 4 steps process


5. Enter the service tag of the server at the bottom of the page and click continue (you can add up to 10 service tags by clicking “add more”)


6. Enter the previous owner company name and zip code (usually CMS)


7. Enter XGlobe in company name, dell@xglobe.com in the email and the address of the datacenter in the site the server is going to be in.


8. Review that all the information is correct and click submit.

9. We will get a service tag transfer confirmation email in a couple of days.

10. That’s it! 

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