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Ginger Software is a global leader in the realm of natural language processing – our mission is to improve human-to-human and human-to-machine communication. Leveraging in-depth analysis of language usage patterns in conjunction with a statistical model based on over 1.5 trillion words, Ginger has developed a Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform; this platform forms the basis of Ginger’s growing suite of language enhancement products.
Ginger’s suite of English writing enhancement products is targeted towards users who frequently use English in their written communications yet do not necessarily write at the level of a native speaker.

* Online writing support. Includes a contextual grammar editor that checks correct usage of text in a user’s written communication. Also features a rephrasing tool that offers users enhanced, more stylized alternatives to their original text, thereby upgrading the message and improving communication.
* Personal tutor. Helps users improve their level of English by analyzing mistakes from the users’ daily communication. Using this analysis, Ginger builds customized lessons and exercises tailored specifically to help users learn from their own mistakes.

The Company's Requirement

Ginger enables customers to download a “client software” which then communicates with the company's NLP platform. Naturally, Ginger requires a fast and reliable connection between the customer's client software and Gingers' NLP servers.
The system and network engineers at XGlobe understood that dependency on a single data facility wouldn't be able to meet Ginger's needs, and so a global solution leveraging multiple facilities was necessary. The solution had to offer continuous availability, even during possible downtime caused by a local or system-wide issue.
This was a challenging project, considering that Ginger’s NLP platform servers were especially large and constantly being updated . XGlobe engineers wanted to find a solution to allow full data replication in the event of any downtime in the main facility so that all the updated data could be accessed from the secondary facility.
The Solution
XGlobe’s Ginger solution is a hybrid cloud combining physical hardware with virtual servers in three XGlobe facilities: New York, London and Hong Kong.
XGlobe’s Integration Division created a work plan which included purchasing hardware, shipping to the facilities, installing the hardware and bringing the system to production stage.
First, the team met with Mr. Ziv Isaiah, CTO of Ginger, and his IT operations team to create and design the physical servers, networking, inter-site communication and software architecture. After planning, approving and purchasing the h/w materials, XGlobe shipped the equipment to the various facilities. XGlobe’s local integration teams built each system according to the specific design created beforehand. XGlobe’s system engineering team supervised each step of the installation process from Israel and constantly updated the Ginger IT team on progress.
Today, Gingers' computing systems are located in New York, London and Hong Kong. All the systems are managed 24/7 by XGlobe in the Expert Service’s frame, including system management and network management and is supervised by Ginger's IT operations teams. XGlobe assists Ginger with daily processes and supports the ongoing growing activity.

Ziv Isaiah, CTO, Ginger:
As a company that provides smart services for end-users in a dynamic and competitive market, Ginger does not compromise on the service level we demand for our customers. We require working with cutting-edge technologies and capabilities, and do not settle for anything less than excellence regarding the professional level of our service providers.
To this end, XGlobe provided us with an advanced turn-key solution, global reach, expert services and access to their vast experience in the hosting world. Choosing XGlobe for this project, and also to help us manage our day-to-day production computing systems was an easy call; after working together for more than two years now, I am happy to report that I definitely made the right decision.
Daniel Engelman – COO, Xglobe:
During the planning stages we met Ziv Isaiah, Ginger’s CTO. Mr. Isaiah holds broad technical knowledge and a deep understanding of Ginger’s needs, which made the project and the challenge that much more exciting. In addition to the hosting solution, Ginger chose XGlobe to manage its server and network environments with our network and system management service. Ginger receives full management service 24/7/365 by XGlobe network and system engineers, and we look forward to further developments with them in the future.



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