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XGlobe’s Cloud computing infrastructure, designed and built by top names in the industry, extends across six strategic locations around the world. XGlobe invests considerable resources in order to stand by its commitment to three important principles:

  • Redundancy: Each and every component of the Cloud Computing Array is fully redundant; in the event of a hardware failover, this N+1 planning assures zero downtime.
  • Performance: XGlobe collaborates with first-class international hardware manufacturers to drive the best performance possible on the data processing level, speed of reading/writing to disk (I/O) and more.
  • Personal adjustment: XGlobe Cloud technologies were designed to provide the customer with flexibility for the adjustment of server resources. In addition, our technical solutions offer the ability to combine virtual servers (VPS) with physical servers, and implementation of shared services such as load balancing, web application firewall (WAF) and more.





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