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How to fix HSPHERE's used Quota

User has 0 MB used out of -1 MB in unlimited files, this problem is caused by broken web server disk quota. To fix this:

1) Log into the web server as root:
su -
2) Turn off disk quota:
quotaoff [hsphere_partition]
3) Go to H-Sphere partition and remove files aquota.user and quota.user:
cd [hsphere_partition]
rm -f aquota.user quota.user
4) Update aquota.user and quota.user files::
quotacheck -m [hsphere_partition]
  * ignore "-m" for Free BSD
5) Turn on disk quota:
quotaon [hsphere_partition]
6) Then log into CP server as root and change to cpanel user:
su - l cpanel
7)Reset user defined quotas:
java psoft.hsphere.tools.SetQuota -lid 335[logical_server_id]

If your H-Sphere is installed on the root partition, the commands will look as follows:
quotaoff /
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