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Creating and planning the server array:
XGlobe hardware implementation experts —  who work hard to keep up-to-date about the latest technologies in the market — will scope out a full hardware array customized  to address your business needs, balancing cost and performance among communication equipment, connectivity and hardware.

Documentation and security:
An XGlobe team will generate a comprehensive collection of initial and ongoing documentation of malfunctions and solutions in order to guarantee an effective and well-organized support plan in the event of a malfunction or general question.

Virtual servers management in the private/public cloud:
XGlobe’s network and system engineers perform ongoing maintenance both to the dedicated cloud computing arrays and to the virtual servers in XGlobe’s cloud. We offer management services even for virtual/physical servers that are physically located in other companies’ facilities.

The monitor services include:
•    Monitoring a number of parameters in the server and the site/application
•    Defining thresholds in order to detected anomalies in the daily activity of the server/site.

Optimizing to DB:
XGlobe’s developers are highly-qualified and experienced in a wide variety of databases. As a part of the Management Services framework, they provide customized database efficiency recommendations.

Responsibility for system stability:
In the Management Services framework, XGlobe takes full responsibility for the stability of your computing system and deploys a long list of methods to guarantee maximal uptime and exceptional performance of your systems.



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