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XGlobe hardware implementation experts —  who work hard to keep up-to-date about the latest technologies in the market — will scope out a full hardware array customized  to address your business needs, balancing cost and performance among communication equipment, connectivity and hardware.

Our team of international equipment suppliers will make sure to send the required hardware with the appropriate insurance to almost anywhere in the world, always keeping an eye on time and expense.
Installation and assimilation:
XGlobe’s hardware implementation experts have years of experience installing and configuring equipment for unique projects that require carefully combined physical hardware, communication infrastructure and cloud computing.

Along the way, our team carefully documents each (physical and virtual) aspect of the project, for a complete record and “user manual” so that the client, XGlobe’s team, or anyone else involved can efficiently deal with upgrades, hardware replacement, reconfiguration, or hardware/software malfunction.

As a service company, we believe that support is the very heart of our operations. We emphasize careful documentation, procedural consistency and knowledgeable staff in the process of opening ongoing help requests. To keep problems from escalating dramatically in the first place, our proactive 24/7 monitoring infrastructure will accompany you every step of the way.



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