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Cellcom provides its customers with a wide variety of business solutions (cellular, data security, hosting, cloud services, local telephony and more).
Within the framework of these solutions, they offer a number of hosting solutions including site hosting and virtual server hosting in two data facilities located in the Center of the country and in the North.

A number of years ago, in an effort to expand their hosting offerings for their customers, the company signed an agreement with XGlobe. As part of this cooperation, Cellcom provides its customers with the ability to host physical servers and virtual servers (VPS) using XGlobe's communication infrastructures around the world.
XGlobe has infrastructures located in a variety of strategic locations around the world including: New York, Miami, Silicon Valley, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Arik Kalisher - Relationship and Data center Product Manager, Cellcom
Our cooperation with XGlobe provides us with international hosting solutions so we can close the circle on a complete set of broad offerings to our business clients. Within the framework of
this cooperation, we have developed a number of successful projects that have been welcome by our end-users. XGlobe's services represent an integral part of the solutions that our sales managers
offer and sell to our clients.

Tzahi Barnea - Marketing Manager, XGlobe
XGlobe believes our partnership with Cellcom, the largest communications company in Israel, is an important relationship as Cellcom provides communications solutions to a wide variety of customers,
including both small businesses and large corporations with a significant impact on the Israeli business environment. We are pleased to have expanded Cellcom's hosting offerings in Israel
and to provide its customers with these services.



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