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Cloud Computing

Catch up with the world’s most advanced companies and build your own private cloud today.

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Dedicated Hosting

Join us and receive a custom tailored solution dedicated to your needs.

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Web Expert Services

Whether you’re am Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud costumer Let XGlobe Web Experts to Design, build and manage your cloud for best performance and cost reducing.

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Our Services

XGlobe is a leading hosting company. We excel in dedicated hosting, cloud computing and fully managed system & network services. Today, XGlobe is providing enterprise level hosting solutions for hundreds of clients around the world. To learn more about our services click below:

Global Reach

XGlobe means you can leave limitations behind. Thanks to the extensive, global coverage of XGlobe, you can be everywhere, anytime. XGlobe partners with only the top data facilities around the world, all of whom offer robust redundant infrastructures. All provide strict physical security measures and vigilant attention to emergency situations requiring top-of-the-line alarm and alert systems, power generators, advanced fire extinguishing systems, and more. Each data facility operates around the clock, every day of the year for instant reaction to any malfunction or system failure.

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Why XGlobe?

At XGlobe, our goal is to provide each customer with a tailor-made solution that meets his individual needs both technically and economically.

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